Let’s Watch! Hunter x Hunter Episode 39, “Wish × And × Promise” Full Reaction & Review
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Welcome back to my “Let’s Watch!” Hunter x Hunter series! Today we’re watching Episode 39, “Wish × And × Promise”. Kurapika trains under Mizuken to learn and master Nen. Performing the water divination Hatsu technique, Kurapika discovers he is a conjurer. The weapon/tool Kurapika chooses to manifest with his aura are chains because “there’s evil running loose than needs to be chained down to hell.” We meet new characters, like Baise, a manipulator with a technique called Instant Lover that enslaves anyone she kisses. She’s also hot btw. Kurapika interviews to work for human trophy collectors in order to get closer to the Phantom Troupe at the Yorknew auction in a month. They task him and the group of Hunters he is with to collect a series of rare items, one of which is a pair of scarlet eyes from a Kurta. Tune in to my full uncut reaction and stay for my in-depth review and discussion afterward!

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https://anime.foredooming.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/CHAIN-OF-VENGEANCE-MELODY-OF-RAGE-Hunter-x-Hunter-Ep-39-Reaction-Review.jpghttps://anime.foredooming.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/CHAIN-OF-VENGEANCE-MELODY-OF-RAGE-Hunter-x-Hunter-Ep-39-Reaction-Review-225x127.jpgtsutomuHUNTER×HUNTERLet's Watch! Hunter x Hunter Episode 39, 'Wish × And × Promise' Full Reaction & Review CHAINS OF VENGEANCE, FEARSOME HEARTBEAT #hunterxhunter #hunterxhunterreaction #anime Welcome back to my 'Let's Watch!' Hunter x Hunter series! Today we're watching Episode 39, 'Wish × And × Promise'. Kurapika trains under Mizuken to...アニメ動画をわかりやすくをまとめた国内最大級のサイトです。